At Single Parent Missions…


We invite you to become part of a community of real people who understand the journey you are on. We will walk with you through the loneliness, weariness, hurt, financial devastation and the overwhelming parenting challenges that you face.


From our Hope Notes online daily encouragements, to our support groups, Care Center, life coaching and leadership opportunities, we will do our best to help you and your children heal and grow. We want to help you find meaningful relationships and discover God’s greater plan for your lives.
You are wanted – WELCOME TO THE FAMILY.




Do you have hurts, fears or barriers as a single parent that have kept you away from church and God?


As a single parent, your love life is a key battlefield where your faith and your feelings are often at war.


You can raise amazing kids as a single parent, but you can’t do it alone.


No matter how bleak things might look financially as a single parent, there is hope for you!

Instead of shame and dishonor,

you will enjoy a double share of honor…

and everlasting joy will be yours.

Isaiah 61:7