Who’s Going to take my Dad’s Place?

There was something in the innocence of that little boy question that caught us all off guard. No one spoke for a minute or two as we blinked back tears. Finally Jim spoke up and told Ethan that he had a Father in heaven who loved him more than anything and would always be with him.
“Do you have any more questions?” Ethan shook his head. None.

Co-written by Single Parent Missions founder, Dawn VanderWerf (Walker), the Daddy Gap takes an uncensored look at the distress so many fatherless families are in and provides desperately needed answers about how God responds to this question and how the Church should as well.

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Drawing from their own journeys as single parents, Dawn and Matt give heartfelt encouragement to these often marginalized families by sharing how God really sees them, loves them, and wants to heal and restore them.

Review by Linda Jacobs, DivorceCare for Kids (DC4K) Creator & Ambassador:
“Dawn & Matt do an incredible job painting a picture of what a fatherless home looks like and what the impact is on the children. This book compels one to become aware of the daddy gap, what it means to millions of children in our country and what fatherless homes are doing to our society. By wrapping scripture throughout and giving hope, this book proves to be a must read for ministers, church leaders, community leaders and all single parents – moms & dads.”