Single Parent Church

The reason we started Single Parent Church is because we believe God desperately wants Single Parents and their kids to know that He is bigger, better, more loving and more personal than they can imagine…and that in His Kingdom the last are first; the widows and fatherless are the blessed ones, and the forgotten and marginalized are the guests of honor.

Unfortunately, we know that’s not usually the message single parents get when they walk into any given church on Sunday morning. And that breaks God’s heart. Because He understands that they won’t want to know or trust or follow a God who they’re not sure even likes them or wants them around. So for the next five months of Single Parent Church, we are going to get personal.

Yes, we’re going to talk about things that mostly never get talked about from church pulpits in West Michigan. We’re going to share our stories. We’re going to invite Jesus to get personal with us and lovingly examine areas of our lives where we say He’s Lord, but He really isn’t. We’re going to expose His heart and let Him expose ours.

Join us for our Spring 2019 Series: Getting Personal

Weds, January 23 You are Lord, But…I need to provide for myself
Weds, February 27 You are Lord, But…Stay out of my bedroom
Weds, March 27 You are Lord, But…I don’t have time for you
Weds, April 24 You are Lord, But…You can’t fix this
Weds, May 22 You are Lord, But…I can’t let go of control

It will be risky. It will be uncomfortable. But for those who dare to show up, you’ll have a front row seat to the greatest freedom and the fullest life Jesus has for you.

If you are separated, divorced, never married, co-habiting, or functioning as a single parent, you are welcome! We hope to see you there!

Where – Sunrise location

When – 4th Wednesday of the month (dates above)
Community dinner begins at 5:30 PM. Program starts at 6:15. Child programming nursery through high school. Adult discussion groups.