Click here for information about the 2019 Single Parenting Summit in the U.S. & the U.K.

What is the Single Parenting Summit?

It’s the only conference in the country to encourage and empower single moms and single dads as well as envision and equip church and community leaders to better serve single parent families.

Why Is It Important?

Our nation is experiencing one of the most dramatic family shifts in history. This year 50% of all new babies born will be born to single mothers. Over 37% of existing households are now headed by a single parent, compared to 13% in 1970. Yet, many schools and social systems are not adequately equipped to understand the unique needs of single parent families. And only 1% of all churches have any sort of single parent ministry. It is our vision to use the Summit as a catalyst to form and strengthen single parent support initiatives, and to empower single moms and dads through dynamic teachings to live a life where they are able to overcome everyday challenges and bring their children up in loving and stable homes.

2018 Summit